12/5/2015 – Recording is underway for new album, “Equuleus,” to be released late 2016! Stay tuned for more information and sneak peaks!


5/1/2014 – New tour dates added! Click on “Live” at the top of the page for more info!


4/6/2014 – Good Sunday afternoon! Oi! Oliver (the big-mouthed cat below) is singing along to “Mermaid and the Music Box” while I sign brand new copies of my debut solo album, Ostara! Yep, it’s done and available for purchase and download on CD Baby, Amazon, iTunes and many other online music retailers, as well as on Free Thought’s Facebook page. In addition, Ostara posters and limited-edition prints of the artwork featured in the Ostara CD booklet will soon be available for sale on this website’s ‘Music’ page! Finally, keep an eye out for Ostara tour dates later on in the year! Click here to go to CD Baby to preview and buy!



1/10/14 – Happy Friday afternoon, everyone!

We have done it! We reached our goal early this morning and I could not have done it without each and every pledge made during the course of this campaign. I am currently sitting at home sniffling and coughing from a case of bronchitis, but I still want to shout “GOAL!” like Andrés Cantor, the sports announcer, at the top of my lungs – although I’m pretty sure doing so would scare the bejesus out of the two cats and a dog lying close by keeping me company.

To celebrate our success and the end of this campaign, I’ve uploaded another track from “Ostara,” onto the “Music” page – it’s called “Story of a Boy.” I hope you like it!

Once again, thank you for your support and considerate pledges! Because of you, my debut solo album is heading to the pressing plant, and then the world!


12/11/13 – Holy Moley! “Ostara,” my debut solo album, is finished! But I need some help to get it pressed and distributed. So, here is a link to my just-now launched Kickstarter campaign. I have until January 10 to raise $3,000 to make my album sharable with the whole wide world. Anyone out there who can help me reach that goal? Spread the word! Any and all donations will be greatly, greatly appreciated and amply rewarded! Thank you!! Click here to visit the Kickstarter campaign!


12/1/13 – Visit the “Live” page to see videos of Jen’s August performance at Infinity Hall’s Big Stage talent competition!


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